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SE2025, System Engineering, TORP#5134 (VTS)


In October 2019, ATEC was awarded a subcontract to LST on the Verification and Validation (V&V) Test and Evaluation (T&E) Services (VTS) Support Services TORP.  ATEC provides engineering services to multiple weather, flight service and FAA NextGen programs including:

  • NWP – NextGen Weather Processor

  • FFSP – Future Flight Services Program

  • OASIS II – Operational and Supportability Implementation System

  • AIMM S2 – Aeronautical Information Management Modernization Segment 2

  • AIMM E1 – Aeronautical Information Management Modernization Enhancement 1

  • FS21 – Flight Service for the 21st Century – Pilot Web Portal Quality Monitoring

  • E-IDS – Enterprise Information Display System

  • MODE-S – Secondary surveillance and communication system

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