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Madeline Then Joins ATEC

Madeline comes to us in the position of Engineer II and will provide support on the IDSR team. Welcome back Madeline! Here is a little about her:

I like to believe that I relax as much as I can when I am not at work. I like to spend time with family and friends. I like painting and drawing, architecture, music, dancing and dreaming up anything that makes me and others happy. I have a tormented affair with electronics and gadgets. I love to tinker with new ways of doing things and making them faster, more efficient and better.

My son is the greatest love I have on this planet and my mom is the shine of my eyes. I breathe, live, and work to make my mom proud and happy as well as my son.

My Goals? Take over the world!! I would like ATEC to exploit my potential, to take it to the limits.

What made me choose ATEC? Familiarity, good people and trustworthiness... I've known Frank for a while and I think he is a wonderful boss and person... I plan to stay with ATEC for as long as it wants me and hopefully be able to make the company proud of having me on their side..

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