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Government Shutdown Update

The Senate has voted (81-18) to advance a bill that would reopen the Federal Government.

Below is the most current information we have been given. Direction from FAA or prime contractor leads supersedes this posting. TGF – Essential CSF – Non Essential lIF – Essential ETASS (IDSR) – Essential ETASS (SME's)- Awaiting Direction EOSS- Essential TNT – Essential AWSV – Non Essential If the contract you support is deemed essential, please report to work as usual. If your group is deemed non-essential, you may use vacation and sick, or LWOP and file for unemployment. Please note that if you use any paid time off you may not file for unemployment for the same time frame. Check back frequently, as we will be updating status as information becomes available. For the time being, ATEC will continue to pay all health benefits. If the shutdown is prolonged, we will revisit benefit coverages.

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