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Furloughed Employee Assistance

With less and less of our ATEC family able to work, I wanted to put out a list of some things I have found that may be of use to you during this difficult time. Almost every bank, creditor, and utility provider is willing to help mitigate the damage of this shutdown. We are a family, if you know an ATECker that isn't working, please reach out to them and see if they could use your help. Please reach out to me if there is anything I can do to help you right now. Cell # 856-237-3912.

Financial Assistance Programs

  • Bank of America's Client Assistance Program is offering personalized financial assistance. Call 844.219.0690 for more information.

  • Wells Fargo Bank will work with individuals and business banking customers whose income is disrupted as a result of the shutdown. Customers should call 800.869.3557 for assistance.

  • OceanFirst Bank is assisting families affected by the shutdown with the Mortgage Relief Program to assist borrowers whose income is affected by the shutdown and having trouble paying their mortgages. The bank will suspend mortgage and home equity loan payments for up to 90 days, without adding on additional fees and interest.

  • Chase Bank is encouraging customers to call and discuss certain hardship programs if they are employees of or do business with a US federal agency and their income is affected by the shutdown. Call the special care line at 888.356.0023.

  • CITI Bank: Customers may be able to get a fee and interest adjustments. With respect to mortgages, customers may be eligible for short - term forbearance and repayment plans and/or loan modifications.

  • Freedom Mortgage: Freedom Mortgage has created a team dedicated to fully evaluating every borrower's situation who is experiencing hardship as a result of the federal government shutdown. These options may include repayment plans, special payment forbearance, and temporary partial payments, in addition to late fee waivers and temporarily suspending the reporting of derogatory credit information. If you have been impacted by this shutdown and need assistance, please call the customer service team at 855.690.5900.

  • USAA Federal Savings Bank is offering a special government shutdown loan program to support eligible members who serve in the Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corps, or the Public Health Service Corps. Call 210.531.8722 for additional information and assistance.

Internet/Wireless Communication Assistance Programs

  • AT & T: Customers affected by the shutdown are eligible for flexible payment options to keep service including cell phones, television, and internet running.

  • Sprint: Care reps are available to coordinate with qualified customers and the financial team to find a payment option that works and keeps services uninterrupted during the government shutdown. Impacted customers should call 888.211.4727.

  • T-Mobile: Short - term account assistance is available to be tailored to meet the needs of customers who are federal workers. Customers should call T - Mobile Customer Care at 877.749.0909.

  • Verizon: Is offering flexible payment options and a "Promise to Pay" program. Further assistance is available by calling 866.266.1445.

Food Assistance Programs





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