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  • Target Generation Facility (TGF)

  • Cockpit Simulation Facility (CSF)

  • NextGen Integration & Evaluation Capability (NIEC)

  • Integration & Interoperability Facility (IIF)

  • Florida Test Bed (FTB)

  • Human Factors Laboratory (HFL)

  • ERAM Test Beds (TB1-5, TTL)

  • Rowan University Test Bed

  • Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC)

  • Airway Facilities Tower Integration Laboratory (AFTIL)


  • ERAM (EnRoute Automation Modernization)

  • ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast)

  • DataComm

  • VSCS (Voice Switching and Control System)

  • ECG (External Communications Gateway)

  • TBFM (Time Based Flow Management)


  • ATOP (Advanced Technologies and Oceanic Procedures)

  • ECS (External Communication Systems)


  • TAMR (Terminal Automation Modernization Replacement)

  • STARS (Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System)

  • IDSR (Integrated Display System Replacement

  • E-IDS (Enterprise Information Display System)

Flight Service & Weather Systems

  • Operational and Suitability Implementation System II (OASIS II)

  • NextGen Weather Processor (NWP)

  • Aeronautical Information Management Modernization Enhancement 1 (AIMM E1).

  • Flight Services for the 21st century (FS21)

  • Future Flight Services Program (FFSP)

  • Common Support Services Weather (CSS-Wx)

  • Aviation Weather Display (AWD)

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