Information Security & Safety

Our FAA Specialty Engineering (SpE) support includes Cyber Security, Information Security and Safety disciplines. As the FAA increases its efforts to identify and mitigate systems' vulnerabilites, ATEC will continue to provide value added support to cyber and Information Systems Security (ISS) iniativies. ATEC also supports the Safety Management System (SMS) and provides safety professionals qualified to meet mission requirements.



  • SCAP (System Certification and Accreditation Package)

  • CDRP (Disaster Recovery Plan)

  • ISSP (Info System Security Plan)

  • Risk Assessments

  • SCD (System Characterization Document)

  • POAM (Plan of Action and Milestone) resolution

  • ISS Process and Procedure Development

  • Cyber Security



  • SRMD (Safety Risk Management Document)

  • SRMDM (Safety Risk Management Decision Memo)

  • SRM Case Files

  • SRM Panel


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