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Test & Evaluation

ATEC has played key role in the T&E program for many EnRoute, Terminal, and Oceanic systems, supporting all phases, locations, and activities of T&E. ATEC Computer Scientists and Engineers have supported test planning, requirements' allocation and all phases of test (e.g., factory, DT, OT, Regression, Site). Our support includes simulation/scenario development & validation, Laboratory/NAS systems operations, Data Reduction & Analysis (DR&A) and Configuration Management (CM).


Specific T&E Capabilities Include:

  • Test Planning & Documentation

  • Test Plan, Procedures and Report Development

  • Verification Requirements Traceability Matrices (VRTM)

  • Factory Qualification Testing (FQT)

  • Development Testing (DT&E)

  • Operational Testing (OT&E)

  • Site Testing (I&I, SAT, Field Familiarization)

  • Regression Testing

  • In-Service Management (ISM)

  • Test Capability Accreditation

  • Site Surveys at Operational facilities

  • NAS lab system configuration, initialization and operations

  • Validation & Verification (V&V)

  • Failure Mode Testing

  • Problem Identification, Analysis & Resolution

  • Laboratory Configuration & Initialization

  • Data Reduction & Analysis (DR&A)

  • Test Tool Development

  • NAS Simulation/Scenario Development (TGF, SDRR, NAS SIM, GSGT, SGET)

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