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Our dedication, not only to our customers, but to our employees – that’s what makes ATEC exemplary.

— Bud Hanlin, COO ATEC



Our mission is to provide excellent support in aerospace sciences, by fostering employee innovation and growth.

Any great company is built by its people. The people we attract are the most experienced in the industry, and the quality of our support reflects their level of expertise. We provide high quality services that our teams can be proud of.


That is why we offer the packages of rewards and benefits needed to attract and retain the best industry talent. Then we put in place the structures that help our people flourish, develop and move our company forward.

Image of the world with light trails representing global air traffic

Since being founded in 2006, ATEC has sustained continuous growth while building a reputation based on our guiding principles. All of our business decisions, client interactions, and employee relationships are based around three core values:




We have proven that doing business with the highest degree of standards is a recipe for success. ATEC continues to provide exceptional service in all facets of operation by adhering to our core company values.


Frank Beningo



Chris Alex



Bud Hanlin



Tisa McKinley

VP of Federal Programs


Lawrence Beasley

VP of Engineering Services

Prior to founding ATEC, Frank supported the FAA for 12 years in both the Enroute and Oceanic Air Traffic platforms. Frank is an accomplished commercial pilot with over 4,000 hours logged from various contract missions with private, State, and Federal government agencies. Frank has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Stockton University  as well as an FAA Commercial Pilot certificate with Instrument and Instrument Instructor ratings.  When not working to support the ATEC mission, he can be found with his family on the ocean Sailing, Surfing or Paddling.

Before joining ATEC in 2012, Chris worked on Wall Street for a major wealth management firm. Chris is responsible for the finance and accounting of the company as well as contracts management and funding. Chris is involved in business development, marketing and growth strategy for ATEC.  In his spare time, he spends time with his family, fishing, and playing golf.

Bud retired from the FAA in 2010 and has over 38 years of automation and management experience in ATC related NAS systems and operations. This includes FAA Division Manager, Deputy Division, Branch Manager, Section Supervisor, software engineering, and program and project management overseeing operational EnRoute and Oceanic automated ATC systems. In addition to his work, he makes time for family activities, volunteering and exercise which primarily consists of golf. 

Theresa “Tisa” McKinley is the VP of Federal Programs and the Program Manager of ATEC’s Cockpit Simulation Facility (CSF) and Target Generation Facility (TGF) contracts.  Ms. McKinley has over 30 years in program management of Enroute and Voice ATM second-level engineering contracts.  She loves her role in simulation laboratory services expanding capabilities with the evolution of FAA’s trajectory based operations (TBO) and integration of advanced air mobility (AAM) vehicles into the national airspace system (NAS).  Ms. McKinley has a BS in Mathematics. In addition to her work, she loves to hang out with her extended family, volunteering, and being near water (beach, pool, and boat).

Lawrence “Larry” Beasley is the VP of Engineering Services.  He is responsible for leadership in the areas of engineering, program management, and acquisition management.  Larry has over 30 years of experience supporting the FAA in Requirements Definition, Systems/Software Engineering/Development, T&E/V&V, Site Installations, and 2nd Level Engineering.  He has a BS Computer Science from the University of Louisiana Monroe and a MS in Software Engineering from Monmouth University.  In addition to devoting his career in support of the FAA, Larry is an avid outdoorsman; enjoying hunting, fishing, and golfing.

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